by Gremlins

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Recorded at Page Chilton's House in Columbia, SC during the latter half of 2011.


released 29 February 2012

Katie Lee - Voice, Keyboards
Patrick Jeffords - Bass, Keyboards, Guitar
Sam Ray - Drums, Noise
Mat Cothran - Voice, Guitar, Keyboards, Drums

David A contributes guitar to "Louder"

Cover art by Patrick Jeffords
Produced by Page Chilton and Matt Morrison



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Gremlins Columbia, South Carolina


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Track Name: Maim My Bitch
lets go to sleep now
the wind is high
it dries my blood out
the quiet is nice

i keep no secrets
ready to die
there is no difference
no wrong, no right

show me no mercy
give me no faith
it disgusts me
this endless wait

kill this panic
maim my bitch
this pleasure is Tantric
close yr eyes make a wish
Track Name: Louder
as i cave yr skull in
mirrored pain

violence that is selfless

there's no satisfaction
drying blood

all my veins are dragging'
endless love
Track Name: JonBenét
i wanna die like JonBenet
my heart is yours to violate
tie me to this sinking ship
i wanna hear you beg for it

every boring fuck we know
is clinging to nostalgia's dope
and they'll all be dead soon i hope
painted nails around my throat

lipstick is dripping blood
to get off a god that never was
sometimes i think that we're to blame
spiders nesting in the brain

this is what hard work brings
endless opportunities
to fuck it up and try again
useless, stupid innocence

coughed up my human needs
parked the car underneath
the canopy of rotting trees
ugliness amazes me

just forget everything
kill every angry memory
the kingdom of all earthly pain
is burning in an open grave

etched into my skin
abuse as a means to an end
beg the hours to give in
crack a smile for suffering

hard enough to scar
the empty palace of your heart
paint yr skin in blue bruises
useless, stupid innocence